Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dylan Shaw Warrior Run 5K & Kids K

Here is another 5K going on that we thought you might want to know about. This is Holly's visiting teachers nephew! It is this Saturday May 7th. The 5K starts at 9am and the Kids K starts at 10am. It starts at Barker Park: 520 W. Elberta Drive
Pleasant View, UT.
Thought we would pass this along. CLICK HERE to register and learn more.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Run 4 Cody... 5K on June 4th 2011...

There are a lot of people that could use your support. Cody Anderson is in need of a Liver transplant. A 5K that will be held on June 4th 2011 in Taylor Utah. To learn more about what Cody is going through, and to sign up for the race click HERE "We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance. But for me that change is a second chance at life."

Friday, April 8, 2011

*2nd BamRace* CANCELLED!

Due To Unforeseen Circumstances, The Race Has Been Cancelled!

Holly Would Like To Thank Everyone For Their Support, and Participation.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Report of 1st Annual BAMrace

There are not the right words in the English language for me to express my thanks for all the support of the 1st Annual BAMrace. It was a great success-beyond our wildest dreams.
At the first meeting of the BAMrace committee we stated our goal. "To have donations and sponsors cover the cost of the race so that all money paid by the participants could go to the Greer girls".
WOW! That happened.
Farr West City-THANK YOU for letting us hold our race in your city!
We had 394 people register to run the race. We had 320 finishers. THANK YOU to all of you! We had 73 different sponsors, which is totally AMAZING! We had a $500 donation-which is TOTALLY AWESOME. Some donations of $10. We received many donation in various other amounts. We had many prize donations. THANK YOU! When this is all added together, the results are overwhelming, inspiring, WOW!
Volunteers---what can I say? Without the volunteers this could have never happened. We had 70+ volunteers the day of the race. Many people volunteered countless hours before the race to get everything done on the 'to do' list. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Many thanks to those people that I called and asked to help, who then so willingly showed up and did everything you could to make this race a success.
The number of people that participated, donated, sponsored, were cheerleaders or volunteered shows just how much Aaron is loved. It also is evidence of how many lives he touched. What a great infulence Aaron was and continues to be to so many people.
The $$$$-
Total expenses- $2,422.83
Shirts/hats, banking (Paypal, formsite, AFCU/2011 start up fund), waterbottles, some prizes (watches, pedometers, kids toys, other water bottles), bread/honey butter, printing of proposal letters and flyers, office type supplies(pins/paint/markers/posters/etc.), finish line pennant, stamps, gift card to logo designer.
After expenses The BAMrace fund was able to donate $6,500 to the Greer Girls Account.
FOR SALE-(we have a few of each of these items. Any money collected will go to the Greer girls.)
Hat with BAMrace logo $7.50
Cotton t-shirt $10
Tech shirts $15
Call Nancy at 801.731.1023 if you are intersted in any of these items.
We also have a few shirts that have not been picked up. Please make arrangements to pick them up or let us know if you want us to sell them to someone else.
THANK YOU one and all for making this BAMrace such a great success.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Final Pictures for BAMrace 2010

36:00+-end of the event. I realize these slide shows are long. I hoped to get as many pictures on here as possible. My apolgies if you are not in any:(

Our thanks again to Jessie for the photography of the 1st Annual BAMrace. Check out her blog HERE.

More Pictures Finish times of 22:00+ to 36:00

Race Start-Approx 22:00 finishers